The 9 Best Lindt Lindor Truffles, Ranked

You can find them on the shelves year-round now, but Lindt Lindor truffles got their start as a Christmas promotion. The company introduced the truffles during the 1967 Christmas season and they were designed to look like round, shiny ornaments. Customers were so disappointed when the truffles were gone after the holidays that Lindt brought them back as a permanent item. Decades later, Lindor truffles are best sellers that are widely available at grocery stores, big box stores, and even at the checkout counter. 

Each Lindt Lindor truffle consists of a thin-shelled, rounded, hard chocolate shell surrounding a creamy filling. The original truffles used milk chocolate, which remains the best-selling truffle variety today. In 1984, Lindt added dark chocolate truffles to its lineup, followed by white chocolate in 1985 and hazelnut chocolate in 1994. The company boasts that no matter what the flavor, each truffle is so delicious that it tastes like liquid gold, hence the name: "Lind" from Lindt and "or" from the French word for gold. 

We needed to know if Lindt Lindor truffles are as good as they claim to be, so we sampled every variety available at our local grocery store. Here are our rankings, from worst to best.

9. Stracciatella

We were so excited to try Stracciatella, a truffle based on a popular Italian gelato flavor. The gelato, which is vanilla-flavored with chunks of chocolate, is kind of Italy's answer to chocolate chip ice cream. The bag of Lindt Lindor Stracciatella truffles proclaims that each chocolate "Tastes like cookies and cream." We love chocolate chip and cookies and cream ice cream, so we fully expected to love Stracciatella truffles — but, sadly, we did not. 

The flavor of these truffles wasn't bad; it just wasn't great. They were fine, just not memorable. Each truffle consists of a white chocolate shell filled with white chocolate cream. Although Stracciatella truffles have a cookies and cream flavor, they do not contain any cookies. The crunch here comes from cacao nibs, which are crushed pieces of fried and fermented cocoa beans. These truffles were simply average, landing them at the bottom of the list.

8. White Chocolate

Maybe we're just not big on white chocolate, because White Chocolate Lindor truffles were eighth in our ranking of nine flavors. Like the Stracciatella truffles, the White Chocolate truffles simply didn't stand out to us with their flavor. They were smooth and creamy in texture, with a nice crunch from the white chocolate shell, but overall they were rather bland. 

Despite being advertised as featuring a "luscious" white chocolate center, it fails to fully deliver. Instead, is merely average, and doesn't stand out against other white chocolates out there in our opinion. 

The white chocolate shell contains cocoa butter, milk, skim milk, sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla, while the white chocolate filling contains vegetable oil, sugar, cocoa butter, milk, skim milk, soy lecithin, and artificial flavors. While this truffle does, in fact, melt in your mouth, unfortunately, the flavor just isn't something to rave about.

7. Dark Chocolate

We love all chocolate, but dark chocolate has a special place in our hearts. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa and a lower percentage of sugar, which allows the rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor to shine through. When we bite into a piece of dark chocolate, we expect to experience the full flavor profile, and Lindor Dark Chocolate truffles met all our expectations. The dark chocolate shell plus the dark chocolate filling provide a mouthful of rich goodness that is neither too bitter nor too sweet. The truffle's shell melts in your mouth, allowing the center to melt as well and coat your tongue in the lusciously rich flavors.

This truffle is one we could keep going back to. However, there was nothing that made it really stand out and wow us, which is why it did not rank higher on our list.

6. Milk Chocolate

When people think of chocolate, they usually think of milk chocolate. It is probably the most popular type for personal consumption because of its sweet, mellow flavor, as opposed to the strong bitterness found in dark chocolate. The added sweetness in milk chocolate typically makes it more of a crowd-pleaser, and this is exactly what Lindt Lindor aimed for with its Milk Chocolate truffles.

The truffles feature a shell made of premium milk chocolate, which enrobes a milk chocolate center. The shell has a tender bite to it and melts into the center, which is smooth and creamy. Both the milk chocolate shell and center are sweet, but not overly sweet, and the truffle melts in your mouth.

We found the Milk Chocolate Lindt Lindor truffles to be just soft and sweet enough for our taste. However, these truffles are still not the best the brand has to offer as far as we are concerned.

5. Caramel

Caramel and chocolate are a classic combination, and the two pair together perfectly in Lindt Lindor's Caramel Milk Chocolate truffles. Caramel can be pretty sweet (it is, after all, made almost completely of sugar), but we didn't find the caramel here to be too sweet. The milk chocolate and caramel complement each other without overwhelming either flavor or our taste buds.

Lindor Caramel Milk Chocolate truffles have a smooth milk chocolate shell that surrounds a melting caramel center made from sugar, cocoa butter, cream, salt, and soy lecithin. Caramel can vary in texture from a gooey sauce to a stiff candy, but we found the texture of this caramel filling to be just right. It is not so hard that it sticks to your teeth, but neither is it so gooey that it drips out of the truffle when you take a bite.

4. Fudge Swirl Milk Chocolate

We were surprised by how much we liked the Fudge Swirl Milk Chocolate truffles from Lindt Lindor. We ranked the other two white chocolate-based truffles at the bottom of our list and were not expecting to love these. However, the Fudge Swirl flavor profile was very different from both the White Chocolate and the Stracciatella truffles. While those truffles were bland, the Fudge Swirl flavor stands out. Both the fudge and the white chocolate flavors come through without being too strong, and neither overpowers the other.

The exterior shell here is made entirely of milk chocolate, but the truffle filling is a swirl of milk and white chocolate (hence the name). Maybe the combination of milk and white chocolate works better than the full-on white chocolate flavor of the Stracciatella and White Chocolate truffles. Whatever the reason, we were pleasantly surprised with how tasty the Fudge Swirl Milk Chocolate truffles turned out to be, which is why we put them so close to the top of our list.

3. Coconut Milk Chocolate

We were looking forward to trying the Coconut Milk Chocolate Lindor truffles, and they did not disappoint. These chocolates consist of a coconut and white chocolate filling surrounded by a milk chocolate shell. The coconut flavor is strong but not overpowering, and the milk chocolate shell provides the perfect contrast. These truffles are delicious. The combination of white and milk chocolate, along with the coconut creates a tropical flavor that both tastes and feels luxurious.

That being said, coconut can be a polarizing flavor with people either loving it or hating it. The coconut flavor here is not subtle, so if you don't love coconut, you might not think you would like these Coconut Milk Chocolate truffles. However, we suggest you give them a fair chance if you have the opportunity because you might be surprised by just how tasty these truffles really are.

2. Double Chocolate Milk Chocolate

If milk chocolate is good, then more milk chocolate must be better, right? Right. We're not sure if Lindor Double Chocolate Milk Chocolate truffles are twice as good as the brand's regular milk chocolate truffles, but they are definitely better and are certainly delicious. 

Each truffle delivers a double shot of milk chocolate flavor with a milk chocolate shell surrounding a milk chocolate filling. The shell is light and crisp with a perfectly sweet flavor, while the interior is creamy and smooth. The two melt into each other creating a wonderful double dose of milk chocolate goodness. While it is a lot of chocolate, it is not too much somehow. The flavors of both layers come through without competing with each other, and the result is neither too rich nor too sweet.

This is a truffle we could get used to eating. It's perfect as an after-dinner treat or when you just have a craving for chocolate. However, it isn't quite the best from Lindor.

1. Extra Dark Chocolate

Topping our ranking of Lindt Lindor truffles is the Extra Dark Chocolate truffle. The dark chocolate shell has a 70% cocoa content, and while the higher the percentage the more bitter it often tastes, these truffles instead have a rich chocolate flavor that is slightly bitter and ever-so-slightly sweet; they are perfectly balanced as good dark chocolate should be. The filling is also chocolate-flavored, and its creamy texture provides a nice contrast to the hard shell. Overall, the Extra Dark Chocolate truffles stood out above the rest because of their bold chocolate flavor.

The high cocoa content here adds not just flavor but also health benefits. These dark chocolate truffles are practically health food (wink, wink)! According to Tufts University, chocolate with higher cocoa content contains more beneficial compounds such as flavonoids, which may reduce blood pressure and help maintain healthy blood vessels.

As far as we are concerned, any health benefits of Extra Dark Chocolate Lindor truffles are just a perk. We would (and will) eat them anyway because they taste so good.