The 9 Best Frozen Pot Pie Brands, Ranked

Frozen pot pies — they're the quintessential comfort food for lazy nights and empty stomachs. The one dish that promises warmth, satisfaction, and the perfect excuse to cancel all plans and curl up on the couch with a fork and a good Netflix show. Who says convenience can't be scrumptious?

Whether you're a busy professional craving a comforting meal after a long day or a culinary connoisseur seeking a quick fix for your gourmet cravings, frozen pot pies have got your back. These delightful creations combine flaky crusts, flavorful fillings, and culinary wizardry to deliver a piping-hot dish straight from your freezer to your plate. But which brand is truly the best?

To help you decide, we've braved the frozen tundra, taste-tested countless pies, and emerged with the ultimate list of the crème de la crème. From chicken to turkey, beef to vegetarian, we've left no pot pie unturned in our quest for frozen culinary perfection. Join us as we embark on a gastro-journey filled with witty banter, tantalizing descriptions, and a whole lot of flavor. From the known classics to unexpected gems, we'll be exploring the cream of the crop when it comes to frozen pot pie brands. Let's dig in!

9. Banquet

Banquet's extensive freezer food collection promises convenience, cheap eats, and a quick solution to hunger pangs. The company makes single-serving chicken, beef, and turkey pot pies, but curiosity led us to their beef selection. We had high hopes, but upon first glance, the visual left much to be desired. The crust had an off-putting brown tint, making us question if it had an unfortunate run-in with a wayward tanning machine. It wasn't the most appetizing start.

With trepidation, we ventured further, hoping the taste would redeem this peculiar-looking creation. Alas, all hopes were dashed with one bite. The gravy, or lack thereof, was flavorless. It left our taste buds wondering if they had gone on an extended vacation, leaving only a sea of blandness. And barely anything could be found within the pie itself. What little presence it did have was enough to make anyone halt their dinner dreams — immediately.

From funky-tasting and tough-to-chew beef to its not-so-healthy nutritional profile, this frozen dinner option quickly ranked last on the list. One single-serving pie contains 410 calories and 710 milligrams of sodium. Prepare your jaw for a workout and plan to work out when indulging in this freezer folly. Overall, Banquet's beef pot pie is an adventure in quirks and peculiarities. With an unappetizing appearance to its lackluster gravy, funky beef, and barely-there filling, it falls short of culinary excellence, even for a late-night snack.

8. Swanson

Straight out of the oven, Swanson's turkey pot pie entices with its golden, flakey crust, promising a delightful culinary experience. Like a siren's song, the crust beckons you to take a bite and discover the wonders hidden within. With eager anticipation, we broke open the crust, revealing a treasure trove of flavors.

The gravy steals the spotlight, delivering a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Rich, velvety, and bursting with taste, it adds a touch of decadence to every bite. But alas, the turkey revealed itself to be a little suspect in this pot pie production. Cut into perfect cubes, with dark brown coloring, it failed to win us over with its rubbery texture.

The nutritional profile wasn't much better, with 370 calories for this single-serving pie and 850 milligrams of sodium. While the overall experience still offers moments of culinary satisfaction, there were too many negatives, making us say "thank you, next" on our pot pie endeavor. No one wants to eat mystery meat.

7. Blake's

Blake's frozen pot pies are a well-known organic option, making them a go-to choice for health-conscious individuals frequenting stores like Whole Foods and even some of the average, big-name grocery chains. With a promise of quality ingredients, we eagerly dove into their chicken pot pie, hoping for a culinary adventure worth savoring.

The crust lived up to its flakey reputation. It crumbled with each bite, reminiscent of a delicate puff pastry in texture and flavor. However, there was one minor hiccup in the form of an off-putting smell emanating from the peas. It's as if they were trying to assert their presence a bit too forcefully, leaving a lingering aroma. Nonetheless, we soldiered on.

Unfortunately, the pie fell somewhat short on substance, too. It seemed hollow, offering minimal gravy and minimal eats. The chicken, in particular, displayed a rubbery texture that left our taste buds longing for a more tender and succulent experience. And while the ingredient list is free from words you can't pronounce, the label does state it's a bioengineered product. As for nutrition, it's not the healthiest, by far. Blake's single-serving pies have 400 calories and 720 milligrams of sodium, leaving it at the starting line with the others in the back of the bunch. While Blake's does stand as a solid contender in the realm of organic frozen options, it's not a favorite. The rubbery chicken, minimal gravy, and the lingering scent of peas detract from its overall appeal.

6. Amy's

In the pursuit of culinary adventure, we decided to venture into the realm of Amy's frozen pot pies, opting for the intriguing choice of broccoli, instead of the traditional chicken or vegetable. With hopes of discovering a new favorite, we embarked on a taste test that promised both excitement and trepidation. However, the journey didn't start on the best note.

Right out of the box, we encountered a crust the color of cardboard, forcing us to dig deeper in search of the hidden treasures within. The flavor, unfortunately, wasn't too far off from that metaphor either, leaving us yearning for something more captivating. However, a burst of cheddar cheese gravy came to the rescue, injecting life into the otherwise lackluster experience. If you're a cheese lover, this pot pie is for you, but it's more of a broccoli cheddar soup bowl than it is a pot pie. This pie has a nice array of organic vegetables inside and only 510 milligrams of sodium. However, one single-serving pie has 490 calories and 47 grams of carbohydrates negating that healthy touch.

The pie itself holds a treasure trove of goodies, offering a diverse array of textures and tastes, but the crust was a big deterrent. If you're in the mood for a cheesy adventure that balances the mundane with bursts of flavor, Amy's broccoli pot pie might just satisfy your cravings. Embrace the quirks and let the cheddar gravy guide you through this culinary escapade. For us, it misses the mark.

5. Mrs. Budd's

Prepare to buckle up for a pot pie adventure of epic proportions with Mrs. Budd's frozen delight — a colossal three pound helping of chicken pot pie that promises to leave you satiated and ready for a cozy food coma. While the brand does offer a few smaller servings, along with a turkey option, go big or go home, right?

The crust of Mrs. Budd's pot pie greeted us with a golden brown allure, teasing our taste buds with its crunchy exterior and soft, comforting center. The crust flavor and tasty gravy provided a foundation of satisfaction. However, we encountered some quirks that place it firmly in the middle of the road. The peas and carrots, unfortunately, carry the unmistakable taste and look of canned produce, a reminder of simpler times when convenience often outweighed culinary finesse. The chicken, cubed and contained within, falls short of soaring to new heights, leaving us with a decent, yet unremarkable taste experience. Let's not forget the nutritional facts of this generous feast. One cup of this pot pie only has 340 calories, but the sodium count ranks one of the highest, with 770 milligrams.

While the crust and gravy impress with their flavors and textures, the canned peas, carrots, and cubed chicken add an element of nostalgia rather than exceptional taste. It's a decent pot pie, one that will fill your belly and leave you content, but it may not be the one you excitedly write home about.

4. Boston Market

Did you know Boston Market makes a frozen chicken pot pie? We didn't, and we were in for a pleasant surprise. This brand-name pot pie distinguishes itself from the rest with its truly distinctive flavor profile. The crust was flakey with a light flavor, but what sets it apart are the treasures inside. While the gravy may be thinner than other options on this list, fear not, for the flavor is all there. Each spoonful dances on your palate, leaving a tantalizing impression that sets it apart from the competition.

As we examined the contents of the pie, we came across chunks of cubed chicken that give off a somewhat processed appearance. While not the most visually appealing, don't let appearance deter you. Every aspect of this pot pie delivers in terms of taste, as each bite reveals a symphony of flavors that is sure to satisfy.

Overall, Boston Market's chicken pot pie offers a flavorful adventure that captivates the taste buds with its unique characteristics. Despite the thinner gravy, the processed appearance of the chicken, and an underwhelming amount of veggies, every aspect of this pot pie delivers on taste. It's a guilty pleasure that may not be the healthiest choice, with one cup boasting 470 calories and 660 milligrams of sodium, along with an ingredient list resembling something straight out of a chemistry textbook. But sometimes, indulgence is necessary for pure culinary satisfaction.

3. Marie Callender's

Hold onto your forks, foodies, as we dive into the top three frozen pot pies, starting with the iconic Marie Callender's. With their wide availability in major grocery stores, shopping chains, and even convenience stores, they have earned the title of "old reliable" on this list.

The crust of this pie is a dependable companion, offering a solid flavor profile without overpowering the other elements. Regarding gravy, it falls into a comfortable middle ground — not clear, but not overly thick either. It brings decent flavor to the table, adding a savory touch to the ensemble. It may not dazzle, but it earns its place among the pot pie greats. When it comes to the chicken, Marie Callender's delivers on juiciness, presenting tender white-meat chunks that are sure to please. However, the texture may hint at a processed origin, slightly detracting from the overall experience. Nevertheless, the abundance of chicken makes up for it, allowing each bite to be filled with savory poultry goodness.

Marie Callender's chicken pot pie stands as the gold standard of convenience. With 440 calories and 650 milligrams of sodium, it's not the worst option on the list, either. While the crust and gravy may not steal the show, they play their roles admirably. The chicken, despite its slightly processed texture, brings juicy satisfaction, while the veggies serve as worthy companions. If you find yourself craving a convenient and satisfying pot pie experience, Marie Callender's is here to deliver.

2. Willow Tree

If you don't know Willow Tree, you don't know pot pies. This freezer classic boasts a commitment to antibiotic-free ingredients, offering a reliable choice for discerning palates, and can be found in the freezer sections of most stores.

Willow Tree's crust may not burst with bold flavors, but it brings delightful flakiness to the table. Its exterior offers a satisfying crunch, while the interior remains soft and comforting. The gravy falls on the thinner side of fillings, but it doesn't lack the vibrant flavor you desire. However, that's probably from the 900 milligrams of sodium, putting this pot pie option in first place for the most unhealthy. Fear not, for the chicken steals the spotlight with its shredded goodness. Juicy and bursting with flavor, this chicken is a refreshing departure from the traditional chunky style and processed options, leaving your taste buds yearning for more and your brain knowing you are eating real white meat. The veggies in Willow Tree's pot pie play their part without detracting from the overall enjoyment, too, complementing the chicken, adding color and texture to the ensemble. 

Willow Tree's pot pie is a classic choice with its commitment to quality ingredients. The gravy provides a subtle canvas for the standout ingredient — the shredded chicken. With a good mix of veggies and a solid crust, it strikes a balance that keeps your taste buds entertained. So, cluck with delight and indulge in this classic frozen pot pie that delivers on its promise of real chicken goodness.

1. Centerville Pie Co.

Prepare to be blown away with Centerville Pie Co.'s frozen pot pies, where looks and taste elevate it above the competition. The pie boasts a crust that is a sweet surprise, setting it apart from the others on this list. Its slight doughiness and just the right amount of flakiness create a harmonious texture that leaves you wanting more. When it comes to the gravy, Centerville strikes the perfect balance, earning it a Goldilocks win. Not too thin and not too thick — it's just right. The gravy envelopes the pie with a wealth of rich flavors, providing a luscious backdrop to the star ingredient — the chicken.

Ah, the chicken — here is where Centerville truly shines. Each bite reveals chunks of real, unprocessed chicken, clearly showing their commitment to quality ingredients. Juiciness permeates every morsel, making it an unforgettable experience. While predominantly featuring white meat, the presence of a few dark pieces showcases the use of a whole bird, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. As for nutrition, just under one cup of pie is only 410 calories with only 460 milligrams of sodium. The flavor is real with this comfort classic.

With its visually appealing presentation and exceptional flavors, it captures the essence of a lovingly crafted pie and our first-place spot. From the sweet and doughy crust to the Goldilocks gravy, every aspect is carefully balanced to create a memorable experience.