Levain Bakery's New Cookie Club Will Send Cookies To Your Door Every Month

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar ... it's hard to find a bad cookie. But there are some standouts when it comes to the best of the best. Levain Bakery has long been heralded as a leader in the cookie game, from the classic chocolate chip walnut cookie that started it all to the more recent additions to the menu. Now, the famous bakery is bringing cookies into fans' homes with a monthly cookie club.

The bakery announced its plans to pursue a cookie club delivery model that will deliver cookies right to customers' doors each month. The club, which launches June 5, will offer a box of eight pre-selected cookies, as well as a 10% discount coupon. To sweeten the deal, some boxes will include new cookies, allowing club members to get a sneak peek of what sweet flavors are coming up a month before the public can have them.

Levain Bakery started with one iconic cookie

Levain Bakery started in 1995 as a bread shop opened by two triathletes. According to the company, it was while training for a triathlon that the pair developed their first cookie — chocolate chip walnut — before going on to become a mainstay in the New York cookie scene. The bakery has grown to include multiple in-person locations and a thriving retail business both in stores and with nationwide delivery.

Levain Bakery's cookies are known for their large size and perfectly crispy exterior. One cookie alone can be enough for two people, and the cookie club offers eight pre-selected cookies from the bakery's lineup. The variety of flavors ensures that there's something for everyone each month. 

Whether chocolate chip walnut is your favorite or you're more of an oatmeal cookie fan, the bakery's monthly subscription is sure to deliver on the promise of delicious cookies.