Where Is O'Dang Hummus From Shark Tank Today?

Fans of "Shark Tank" may remember the 2015 appearance of O'Dang Hummus on the 2nd episode of the show's 7th season. The company is still around today, but in a much different form than what you might expect.

Everyone loves a bowl of nice, creamy hummus, but entrepreneur Jesse Wolfe used his creativity to take hummus up a notch when he founded O'Dang Hummus. As Wolfe told The Florida Times-Union, he'd been introduced to hummus after having his wisdom teeth removed. He fell in love with it, and it sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. So, Wolfe started O'Dang Hummus, built on early successes at farmers' markets, and was already in Publix stores by the time he stood in front of the Sharks. There, he hoped to see if any of the investors could help him take his business even further.

O'Dang Hummus has continued to find success since then. However, it's dropped all of its original products and now carries an entirely different lineup of chickpea-based condiments.

Why did O'Dang Hummus change its lineup?

In 2017, Jesse Wolfe made a hard decision that would shape his company's future (via Entrepreneur). His hummus dips were finding it hard to break through into national grocery stores. Instead of packing it in, he pivoted to hummus-based salad dressings. About a year later, according to a press release, O'Dang launched its dressings at Walmart stores nationwide. This lineup featured six different flavors that included roasted red pepper, ranch, and Greek tzatziki. 

"Our dressings are the only hummus dressing on the market, and thanks to Walmart, shoppers across the nation can enjoy our dang delicious and healthy hummus dressings," Wolfe said in the announcement. These salad dressings were made with chickpeas as their number one ingredient, and they included no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Coming in at 25 to 45 calories, they were also a healthier choice than many other dressing options. Those dressings aren't O'Dang Hummus' only innovation since "Shark Tank," though. 

O'Dang Hummus' vegan mayo

O'Dang would see several large shifts in 2020. According to Jesse Wolfe's LinkedIn profile, he left the company in January of that year. And by the summer, the company reformulated its brand identity, announcing its new name: O'Dang Foods. The business also decided to launch new recipes for its successful hummus dressings and new label designs to go along with them.

O'Dang Foods then launched a three-flavor lineup of vegan mayonnaise. Lemon garlic, roasted red pepper, and cucumber dill were its original flavors, and a plain mayo joined about a year later. This egg-free condiment was made using chickpea proteins and aquafaba, the liquid used to cook chickpeas. In reference to this development, O'Dang indicated to Food Navigator that it was interested in expanding more into the condiment-market as families were spending more time cooking at home. Thus, it saw this new mayonnaise as a promising, low-fat alternative to the traditional varieties. 

As of 2023, O'Dang Foods counted seven different dressing flavors among its lineup, along with the four vegan mayos.