Trader Joe's Is Recalling Its Instant Cold Brew Coffee Due To Glass Contamination

Trader Joe's has issued a May 24 recall for select jars of its instant cold brew coffee. The recalled products are suspected to have small pieces of glass inside their containers. In an email to Daily Meal, Trader Joe's made it clear that there have been no injuries related to these products reported as of May 25.

The possibly contaminated products can be identified by their expiration dates. Jars with the expiration dates of: 6/13/2024, 11/26/2024 and 12/30/2024 may contain glass and should not be consumed. (The expiration date for this product can be found on the bottom of the jar.) These products should be disposed of immediately or returned for a full refund.

Trader Joes' says it was alerted to this possible contamination by the product supplier and that any possibly contaminated products have already been removed from its shelves. "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience," wrote Trader Joe's in an emailed statement.

What is Trader Joe's instant cold brew coffee?

Cold brew started to take over the coffee industry around the mid-2010's, and it wouldn't be long before the demand for iced coffee would go year-round. Trader Joe's didn't release its instant cold brew mix until 2020, though it made preparing a glass of cold brew a quick and easy task.

Making cold brew at home can take days of slow steeping. This means folks typically make large batches to last them a while. With Trader Joe's instant cold brew, iced coffee drinkers could have a glass of quality cold brew ready at any time. Trader Joe's supplier makes the product with 100% arabica coffee beans and uses a proprietary process to create a smooth-drinking instant coffee experience.

The Caffeinated Chemist claims that this isn't the most high-quality cold brew method available, but its convenience makes it a worthy purchase nonetheless. Trader Joe's'Reviews gave the product a seven out of 10 score and remarked on the brew's smooth flavor.